Follow these post-op instructions to achieve optimum results.

1. Absolutely no activity for 24 hours and only light activity in the week to follow. Heavy activity will increase blood flow, which can lead to bleeding and swelling.

2. ICE: Apply an ice pack to your face where the surgery was performed. Alternate 15 minutes on/ 15 minutes off. This will accelerate your healing and minimize and swelling or bruising.

3. Ibuprofen (Motrin): After the initial dosage of 800 mg Ibuprofen, take 800 mg every 8 hours for the day of and for 3 full days following surgery. If you are not hurting, it is because the medicine is working so keep taking it. If you have been prescribed any other medications for pain, follow the directions on the prescription.

4. Sleep with your head elevated at night. This will also help to minimize any swelling.

5. FOOD: Only soft, room temperature or cooler food for 48 hours following surgery. Avoid eating where the surgery was performed. If you have to think about whether the food is too hard to eat, it is.

6. HYGIENE: Gently brush the area with the super soft toothbrush provided for the first 14 (fourteen) days. Cleanse the area with the chlorhexidine mouthwash by gentle rinsing twice daily for 1 minute. Follow directions on the chlorhexidine bottle.

7. ANTIBIOTICS If prescribed, take your antibiotics until they are completely finished as directed on the label.

8. SENSITIVITY: You may experience sensitivity to hot and cold as your tissue heals. This is normal. Use Sensodyne toothpaste to help reduce sensitivity.

9. SUTURES: Your sutures (will / will not dissolve). They will be in place for at least 7-10 days so try not to play with them with your tongue. The sutures will be removed when the tissue is stable. Some of your sutures may come loose early or dissolve early, this is not uncommon and not an emergency.

10. EMERGENCY: Should you have any problems with bleeding, swelling, or pain please call 817-741-4867. For after hours or true emergencies seek care from the ER and call 911.