Teeth Whitening in Dallas, Keller, and, Irving, TX

Teeth Whitening in Dallas, Keller, and Irving, TX 
“Whiter and brighter teeth” is often asked about in our office. Teeth Whitening is a safe and effective way to dramatically improve your smile. But with so many options and products on the market, what is the best one?

Types of Teeth Whitening 
In-office teeth whitening is usually a 45-minute procedure where teeth are exposed to a bleaching material (a specific type of dental peroxide). This procedure allows for subtle whitening of teeth in a short amount of time. The bleach that is used is often quite strong and thus extreme care must be taken by the dental professional to avoid excessive exposure to the gum tissue. Excessive bleach on the gums can actually burn the gums and damage the teeth leading to unnecessary discomfort.

Another type of whitening product are  the bleaching trays. This method of bleaching provides the longest lasting and most dramatic whitening effects. Professional grade bleaching peroxide can be obtained from your dentist. Customized bleaching trays are created to mold perfectly to your teeth. The bleach product is placed in the tray and the trays are usually left in overnight or for a few hours during the day. The timing of the trays should be discussed with your dentist. It is recommended to bleach your teeth daily for 2 weeks or until the desired level of whiteness is obtained. If teeth feel sensitive, bleaching can be done on alternate days.

There are also over the counter products available for bleaching. Unfortunately, most toothpastes , mouth rinses, and toothbrushes are not able to whiten teeth that effectively. Crest White Strips have been shown to be the most effective over the counter product for whitening, however  their effect is also subtle.

Will My Teeth Become Sensitive? 
Often times, teeth can become sensitive after whitening. However, working closely with a dentist or periodontist will help customize treatment to your needs. Fluoride gels can be prescribed to help strengthen your teeth while whitening and reduce sensitivity.

Are there any foods or habits that will stain my teeth? 
Certain foods like teas, coffee, and wine can stain teeth. It is best to use a straw when drinking colored substances to avoid discoloring the teeth.

Also, tobacco use can stain the teeth more than any other product. Whitening is most effective when not using any tobacco products.

Furthermore, eating acidic products like lemons can actually wear away enamel or outer covering on teeth thus the teeth may appear yellow. Whitening in this case  will only make the teeth more sensitive and possibly cause damage. It is best to have an evaluation with a dentist before starting any whitening protocol.

***Your teeth and gums must be healthy and stable before whitening to ensure proper dental care otherwise whitening could damage the teeth irreversibly.We  hope this information will help you understand the different types of tooth whitening. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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