Our Periodontists at PerioLife utilize lasers for various periodontal and dental conditions. Dental Lasers have shown to provide additional benefits to traditional therapies and may provide a more non-invasive treatment option. Laser dentistry has little to no pain after treatment. Talk to your PerioLife Periodontist to see if laser dental treatment is an option for you.
Laser treatment around the gums can help reduce the number of bacteria in deep pockets and reduce pocket depths. In patients that have residual deep pockets in the gum tissue, laser gum treatment can be a great adjunct with other periodontal treatments. Dental lasers can enhance hygiene treatments and cleanings to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

Furthermore, dental lasers can be used to remove various lesions in the mouth including fibromas, overgrown tissue, and other oral lesions. Dental lasers can also be used to cut away excess gum tissue, remove frenums, and cut away any excess tissue. There is minimal bleeding after using lasers as it cauterizes the tissues. The tissue can have a charred appearance afterward, however that charred tissue acts as a bandaid over the affected area which heals within a few days.

Laser Dental Treatment in Dallas Fort Worth Area Laser Dental Treatment in Dallas Fort Worth Area


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Laser Dentistry better?

Laser dentistry potentially offers a more comfortable treatment option for a number of dental procedures involving hard or soft tissue compared to drills and other non-laser tools. However, not all cases are candidates for laser treatment.

Is Laser Treatment for teeth safe?

Are lasers used in dentistry? Yes, lasers have been used in dentistry since 1990. Lasers can be used as a safe and effective treatment for a wide range of dental procedures and are often used in conjunction with other dental instruments.

Is Laser Dental cleaning worth it?

Plenty of patients immediately rule out laser dentistry teeth cleaning due to the fear that it will damage their teeth, gums or other parts of the mouth. However, there is nothing to worry about when using dental lasers to clean teeth.

What should I do after Laser Gum Surgery?

Refrain from aerobic activity for 48 hours following the surgery. Try to keep your mouth as clean as possible in order to help the healing process. Do not brush or floss the treated area until after your post-operative visit in approximately 7-10 days. Do not rinse with anything the day of the surgery.

If you are interested in how dental laser treatment can help you, contact your PerioLife periodontists in Dallas, Irving, Fort Worth or Keller offices.