Bone grafting in the mouth can be done to repair several types of bony defects. Bone grafts are obtained from a tissue bank similar to a blood bank. The bone material goes through several steps of processing to ensure the bone is safe for surgical use. Here at PerioLife, our periodontists prefer to use human bone grafts as the healing has been shown to be superior to animal bone products. Here at PerioLife, our periodontists use the best materials for our patients to deliver the best possible results to treat your bone loss concerns.

When a tooth is lost due to trauma or periodontal disease, the underlying jawbone that supported that tooth can shrink. This creates a gap that can make smiles look unaesthetic and faces look hollow. Certain tooth sites may need to be bone grafted prior to placing a dental implant or bridge to allow stability of the dental implants for long term success. Your Periodontist at PerioLife can fill in this “defect” with a procedure called ridge augmentation or also called guided bone regeneration to recreate the natural contour of your gums and jawbone. This procedure involves adding bone growth materials in the defect area and covering the site for healing with a membrane. After sufficient healing is completed, dental implants can be placed to create a smile that is beautiful, easy-to-clean and natural-looking.

Frequently Asked Questions

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