TEETH-IN-A-DAY™ is a revolutionary concept providing patients with fully functioning teeth on dental implants in a single procedure that takes about an hour. This technology was developed by Nobel Biocare and utilizes collaboration between both the restorative doctor and the implant surgeon. This merging of knowledge and experience achieves not only increased safety, but also a more precise implant placement. In addition, the fabrication of a final prosthesis is completed prior to the surgery. The computer-guided implant surgery is done in an arthroscopic fashion without requiring any flap reflection. This benefits the patient in that there is less postoperative discomfort, less swelling, and less bruising. Patients can often resume their normal activities the next day.

Overview of Dental Implant “Teeth in a Day”
Dental implants are quickly becoming the treatment of choice for millions of patients when facing the need for replacing one or more missing teeth. Not all implant surgeons or procedures are the same and dental implant “Teeth in a Day” should only be considered after the patient has reviewed the facts and options for their particular case. In fact, there are significant differences from one area of the mouth to another. The location and number of missing teeth can significantly change the required level of experience, time and adjunctive procedures needed to ensure the optimal outcome and desired longevity of the replacement tooth. As you have undoubtedly heard on the news, TV or radio, some procedures allow the ability to place implants and secure replacement teeth to them in as little as one day. However, in most cases this is not the appropriate treatment option to provide a long-lasting replacement solution. In fact, only a small minority of patient conditions are suited for this treatment option, and though marketing has focused on this treatment option, it is important to consider your specific needs prior to trying to fit your situation into a narrow window. Below is a list we have developed to help determine if this is the appropriate treatment option for you.

How many teeth are you trying to replace?

  • It is important to note that the vast majority of immediate replacement of your existing teeth with permanent “teeth in a day” generally requires the removal of ALL of your remaining teeth as well as significant contouring of your jawbone.
  • Only a very limited number of conditions allow a single tooth to be removed and replaced in one day.

What is meant by “permanent teeth in a day”?

  • This phrase has two parts. “permanent” and “teeth in a day”.
  • Permanent is not your final permanent teeth. They are nearly always a temporary dental prosthesis, a converted denture that is fixated temporarily to your implants. It takes several months and appointments to complete your “final permanent” dental prosthesis.
  • “Teeth in a day” Represents this temporary prosthesis and though is very often comfortable and esthetically pleasing, it is a relatively delicate device and there are many dietary restrictions during the initial healing phase of 4-6 months leading to your final prosthesis.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are Teeth In a Day?

Single implant: $2,000-$6,000

Full mouth: $50,000-$100,000

Can teeth implants be done in one day?

In other words, getting your implants in one day is a much more accurate process compared to the traditional method. To answer the original question; yes, dental implants can really be performed in one day. And not only can they be done, but they are done well.

Can you replace all your teeth?

If you are missing all of your teeth, an implant-supported full bridge or full denture can replace them. Dental implants will replace both your lost natural teeth and some of the roots. What are the advantages of implant-supported full bridges and implant-supported dentures over conventional dentures?

Are same day implants safe?

This process can take three to six months to fully fuse. Even if a crown is immediately inserted, as in the Same-day procedure, success depends upon the implant correctly fusing to the bone. The least bit of shift can lead to complications with the healing process.

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