Using dental implants to replace missing teeth is a great dental treatment option. However, implants can get infected or abscesses just like teeth. Implant infections or implant abscesses can occur when an implant starts to fail or loses bone. There can be several reasons for bone loss around a dental implant including cement on the implant surface, tobacco use or smoking, uncontrolled diabetes, and various other reasons. When there is infection around a dental implant, it must be treated promptly to avoid further bone loss and failure of the dental implant.

Symptoms of a dental implant infection or peri-implant disease include swelling, bleeding, or pain. Some dental implant infections may not have any symptoms in the beginning stages, thus it is very important to see your periodontist regularly after getting a dental implant placed in the mouth.

In order to treat the dental implant infection, the gum tissue is rolled back to expose the dental implant infection. The infected tissue is then removed. The surface of the dental implant is decontaminated. A bone graft along with other biological agents may be used to regenerate the lost bone and to stabilize the dental implant. These treatments can be effective in removing the implant infection and extending the life of the dental implants.

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